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2018 UConn Master Gardener Program Application

Please click here to download the application for the 2018 UConn Master Gardener program beginning in January 2018.


We are excited to introduce the new, online Garden Master Class catalog and registration!

It has taken a while, but we are pleased to present the Fall 2017 Garden Master Class catalog in a new, online format. You can now register and pay for classes and get immediate confirmation of your registration, along with email reminders as the class dates approach.

The catalog is now available at . The process is similar to any online purchasing you already do. The GoSignMeUp platform that powers the online catalog is used by many companies and schools and has an excellent reputation. A link to the site is posted on our Extension website, and our volunteer website

You can now pay by credit or debit card, and we encourage you to use this payment method. It provides an immediate confirmation of your class registration. You can still pay by check, but until that payment is processed, you will not have a guaranteed seat in the class.

The new program will provide email reminders both one week and one day prior to your class.

If you have taken Master Classes before, all your attendance information has been saved and will be entered into the GoSignMeUp program. Once the transition is complete, you will be able to check your transcript online at any time to confirm what classes you have taken. This feature should be available in the early part of 2018.

Your registration information from the old system has also been transferred to GoSignMeUp. When you log into the new system, take a moment to check your account information. If corrections are needed, let us know!

The system also allows us to add classes throughout the term, so check back often. We try to have all classes listed in the beginning of the term, but new opportunities do arise throughout!

Instructions on registering and using the system are attached, and there are instructions on the home page of the catalog. Additionally, if you have any difficulties you can contact us at Your county coordinator can also help you. Contact information is available at

This new program has been in the works for several years. Middlesex County coordinator Gail Reynolds got us started, conducting a comprehensive search and analysis of the available options, leading to the recommendation of GoSignMeUp. Longtime Master Class volunteer Rebecca Martorelli teamed up with Extension program assistant Amber Guillemette and Tolland County coordinator Jean Madden-Hennessey to make the transition from our old system to the new one. Many thanks to all!

Let’s Hear it for our Master Gardener Volunteers!

Active, Certified Master Gardener Volunteers honored by pins for volunteer hour contributions!

Active, Certified Master Gardener Volunteers honored by pins for volunteer hour contributions!

Our Master Gardener volunteers contribute innumerable hours to their communities by participating on projects, speaking to the public, writing articles, teaching classes, and much more!

We honor our Active Certified Master Gardeners with garden-themed pins as they reach volunteer hour milestones, cumulative over their time as Active Certified Master Gardeners.

One hundred (100) volunteer hours is marked by a trowel pin, 250 hours by an oak leaf pin, 500 hours by a wheelbarrow pin, 750 hours by a pinecone pin, 1000 hours by a sunflower pin, 1500 hours by a pruner pin, and 2000 hours by a gardener’s boot!