2022 Master Gardener Active Certification

Thank you for electing to maintain your Master Gardener Active Certification. UConn Master Gardeners who maintain their Active Certification are highly valued associates, critical to the success of our volunteer-based program and important resources in the community.

Active Certified Master Gardeners are representatives of the University of Connecticut, following university policies, and working under the supervision of a University of Connecticut staff member. In this capacity, they continue to provide free, unbiased, research-based information consistent with the recommendations of the University of Connecticut and other land grant institutions.

Active Certified Master Gardeners are insured by the University of Connecticut’s liability policy when volunteering for authorized projects in the community, at local Extension Centers, the Bartlett Arboretum, and other University sites.

Active Certified Master Gardeners may also be entitled to tax deductions for mileage associated with travel to and from UConn Master Gardener-sanctioned events. (Check with your tax advisor to see if you may be eligible for federal and/or state tax deductions for travel expenses.)

We are proud of our program and its positive impact on the citizens of Connecticut. Thank you for your continued commitment to its excellence and your generous volunteerism!

2022 Requirements for Active Certification

  • Complete 10 hours of community outreach and 10 office hours through one of the eight (8) county Extension offices in Connecticut or the Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford. Office hours may be completed online and/or in the office.


  • Attend one Hot Topics class (3 hours) per year. This class will be offered via one live online presentation, free of charge to Active Certified Master Gardeners, to keep participants abreast of important new research information, University programs, and policy. If unable to attend a live presentation, an online presentation will be available.


  • Submit a completed online Active Certification Agreement by September 30th each year to your County Program Coordinator, including documentation of the completed 20 required volunteer hours.


  • Register online. Upon verification of your eligibility, your Program Coordinator will provide you with an access code to register your active certification. Register in your office’s “class” at https://uconnmastergardeners.gosignmeup.com. There is a $10 annual administrative fee.

Master Gardener Active Certification is valid for one year – expiring September 30th of each year. Individuals not renewing their certification become Alumni Master Gardeners and, as such, have no annual service requirement and are not covered under UConn liability insurance. They cannot refer to themselves as a Certified Master Gardener but rather as Master Gardener Alumni.

    Complete your certification form online by clicking here.