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A Positive Approach to Service

volunteersOur UConn Extension Master Gardener volunteers are located in each of the eight county Extension centers, and at the Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford. Master Gardener volunteers donate their time each year to answer horticultural-related questions for the community.

In May, Gail Reynolds, our Master Gardener Coordinator at the office in Haddam received this letter from Carol of Chester, Connecticut:

Dear Ms. Reynolds, 

I am writing to make you aware of the exceptional service I received at the Extension program on May 26, 2017 when I brought an insect sample to your office. Your volunteer employees, Kenneth Sherrick, Susan Goodall, and Liz Duffy could not have been more motivated and interested in identifying the specimen and providing me with appropriate information. These employees exhibited a level of energy and competency that I have honestly never encountered in either a public service or private setting. Together they critically analyzed the resource materials, collaborated effectively to identify the specimen, and patiently explained their findings. They were sincere, welcoming, and friendly. My issue was positively resolved in a short time.

Certainly, we are all used to accessing public and private services – libraries, post offices, school systems, doctor’s offices – and we are accustomed to a particular, acceptable standard of service. But when one encounters a greater level of service, a higher degree of motivation, and a overwhelmingly positive approach to service it is remarkable indeed. These three volunteers operate in excellence, and they exceeded my expectations in every regard. You are quite fortunate to have them!



Hot Topics 2017 Documentation

Click here to download the Gypsy Moth Update 2017 presentation.


Check with your Master Gardener Coordinator or the calendar at to find a Hot Topics class near you!

Let’s Hear it for our Master Gardener Volunteers!

Active, Certified Master Gardener Volunteers honored by pins for volunteer hour contributions!

Active, Certified Master Gardener Volunteers honored by pins for volunteer hour contributions!

Our Master Gardener volunteers contribute innumerable hours to their communities by participating on projects, speaking to the public, writing articles, teaching classes, and much more!

We honor our Active Certified Master Gardeners with garden-themed pins as they reach volunteer hour milestones, cumulative over their time as Active Certified Master Gardeners.

One hundred (100) volunteer hours is marked by a trowel pin, 250 hours by an oak leaf pin, 500 hours by a wheelbarrow pin, 750 hours by a pinecone pin, 1000 hours by a sunflower pin, 1500 hours by a pruner pin, and 2000 hours by a gardener’s boot!